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Jun 10, 2023

Why Bing Ads are Now More Powerful with AI Than Ever Before

Bing Ads leverages AI for enhanced performance, offering unique advantages over Google Ads in online advertising

Bing Ads For E-commerce

In the ever-evolvingworld of online advertising, staying ahead of the curve is essential. Microsoft's Bing Ads platform has been making significant strides in recentyears, with a particular focus on harnessing the power of artificialintelligence (AI) to enhance its capabilities. In this article, we will explorethe latest updates from Microsoft in Bing Ads, how AI is positively impacting Bing Ads performance, why Bing Ads can be more powerful than Google Ads, theglobal market share of Bing Ads, and why e-commerce business owners shouldconsider Bing Ads as an additional marketing channel.

Recent Updates From Microsoft in Bing Ads

Microsoft's commitmentto improving Bing Ads is evident through its regular updates and innovations. Here are some of the recent updates that have made Bing Ads more powerful:

  • Microsoft Clarity Integration: Bing Adshas integrated with Microsoft Clarity, a web analytics tool. This integrationallows advertisers to gain deeper insights into user behavior on theirwebsites, enabling better optimization of ad campaigns for improvedperformance.
  • AI-Powered Automated Bidding: Bing Adshas introduced AI-driven automated bidding strategies that use machine learningto optimize bids in real-time. This feature helps advertisers maximize their ROI by adjusting bids based on various factors, such as user behavior andcompetition.
  • Expanded Audience Network: Bing Ads has expanded its audience network to reach more potential customers across various Microsoft-owned properties and partner sites, increasing the reach andvisibility of ads.
  • Improved Reporting and Analytics: Microsoft continually enhances its reporting and analytics tools, providing advertisers with more detailed and actionable insights to refine their campaigns.

How AI Can Positively Affect Bing Ads Performance

AI has become agame-changer in the world of digital advertising, and Bing Ads is no exception. Here's how AI can positively impact the performance of Bing Ads:

1. Enhanced Targeting: AI algorithms analyze user data and behavior to better understand audience segments. This enables advertisers to target their ads more precisely, reaching the rightpeople at the right time with the right message.

2. Improved Ad Copy: AI-driven copywriting tools can generate compelling ad copy that resonates with users, increasing click-through rates and conversions.

3. Real-TimeBidding Optimization: AI can adjust bids in real-time based on factors such as user intent, device,location, and competition, ensuring that advertisers get the most value for their ad spend.

4. Ad Customization: AI enables dynamic ad content generation, allowing advertisers to create personalized adsfor different audience segments, improving relevancy and engagement.

5. Fraud Detection: AI-powered tools can identify and combat ad fraud, ensuring that advertisers' budgets are not wasted on fraudulent clicksand impressions.

Why Bing Ads Can Be More Powerful Than Google Ads

While Google Ads dominates the online advertising landscape, Bing Ads offers several advantages that make it a potent alternative:

  • Lower Competition: Due to Google's dominance, Bing Ads often has less competition, leading to potentially lower advertising costs and better ad placement opportunities.
  • High-Quality Audience: Bing's user base tends to be older and more affluent, making it an attractive platform for advertisers targeting these demographics.
  • Integration with Microsoft Ecosystem: Bing Ads seamlessly integrates with other Microsoft products like Microsoft Advertising Intelligence and Microsoft Clarity, providing a holistic advertising ecosystem.
  • Cost-Effective Clicks: In some industries, Bing Ads can deliver clicks at a lower cost per click (CPC) compared to Google Ads, offering a more cost-effective advertising option.
  • AI-Powered Features: Bing Ads' AI-powered features provide advertisers with sophisticated tools to optimize their campaigns and reach the right audience.

Market Share of Bing Ads Worldwide

As of July 2023 a Bing Ads had a global market share of around 8-9% in the search engine advertising space.

While Google Ads continues to dominate with a significantly larger share, Bing Ads represents a substantial portion of the market, making it a platform that advertisers should not ignore.

Market share of leading desktop search engines worldwide

Why E-commerce Business Owners Should Consider Bing Ads

E-commerce business owners looking to expand their reach and diversify their marketing channels should seriously consider Bing Ads for several reasons:

1. Targeted Audience: Bing's user base often includes older, more affluent individuals who are more likely to make online purchases. This can be especially valuable for e-commerce businesses targeting this demographic.

2. Lower CPCs: As mentioned earlier, Bing Ads can offer lower CPCs in some cases, helping e-commerce businesses stretch their advertising budget further.

3. Less Competition: With fewer advertisers vying for space on Bing Ads, e-commerce businesses can potentially achieve better visibility and more cost-effective advertising opportunities.

4. AI-Driven Optimization: Bing Ads' AI-powered features can help e-commerce businesses maximize their ROI by optimizing ad campaigns for better performance.

5. Diversification: Relying solely on Google Ads can be risky. Diversifying your advertising efforts by incorporating Bing Ads can provide asafety net in case of changes in the Google Ads landscape or fluctuations inperformance.


Microsoft's Bing Adshas undergone significant improvements in recent years, with a strong focus on harnessing the power of AI to enhance performance. These updates, along with its unique advantages, make Bing Ads a compelling platform for advertisers. While Google Ads remains the dominant player, Bing Ads offers a valuable alternative that should not be overlooked, especially for e-commerce businesses looking to expand their reach and achieve better ROI through targeted advertising and AI-driven optimization. As the online advertising landscape continues to evolve, embracing Bing Ads as part of your marketing strategy can be a strategic move for your business.


Vitalii Sychov

Vitalii Sychov excels as an SEM Manager, leveraging his expertise to drive exceptional results.

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