Case Study: Local Campaign Strategy for Gate Installation Company

Dive into Weaga's local strategy for gate installation. See how their Google Local Services Ads and targeted search campaigns led to success.

Weaga Case Study

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Discover the effectiveness of Weaga's local campaign strategy for gate installation and see the power of expert action.
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About the project

Weaga stands as Vancouver's premier gate automation company, backed by over 20 years of unparalleled expertise. Wilson Electrical and Gate Automation, the parent company, has a rich history of installing, fixing, and repairing thousands of automated gates and high-performance doors for residential and commercial properties across Vancouver, BC.

Project execution

The primary objective of Weaga's local campaign was to strengthen its local online presence and drive targeted leads for their gate installation, repair, and maintenance services. The focus was on deploying Google Local Services Ads and local search campaigns to enhance visibility and generate conversions for specific services.


  • Google Local Services Ads:

Developed a compelling Google Local Services profile for Weaga, showcasing the company's extensive experience and specialization in gate automation.

Emphasized key services such as gate installation, repair, and maintenance to attract local customers.

Optimized the ad content and settings to ensure prominent visibility in relevant local searches.

  • Local Search Campaigns:

Conducted thorough keyword research to identify specific terms related to gate installation, repair, and maintenance within the Vancouver area.

Created individualized local search campaigns for each specific service offered by Weaga, ensuring highly targeted advertising.

Utilized geo-targeting to focus on potential customers within the company's service area.

  • Ad Content and Messaging:

Crafted compelling ad copy highlighting Weaga's unmatched experience, quality of service, and commitment to customer satisfaction.

Included special promotions or unique selling points to differentiate Weaga from competitors.

Integrated strong calls-to-action to encourage users to contact Weaga for their gate automation needs.

  • Budget Management:

Allocated a modest budget to maximize return on investment, considering the local nature of the campaign.

Monitored campaign performance regularly and made adjustments to budget allocation based on the effectiveness of different services and keywords.

Implemented bid adjustments to prioritize high-converting keywords and services.

The local campaign strategy for Weaga demonstrated significant success with limited resources:

Conversions: 23
Cost per Conversion: $27.89
Conversion Rate:

Despite the small budget, the campaign achieved outstanding results, showcasing the effectiveness of the Google Local Services Ads and local search campaigns in generating qualified leads and driving conversions for Weaga.

Weaga's Local Campaign Strategy effectively utilized Google Local Services Ads and targeted local search campaigns to enhance online visibility and drive conversions for gate installation services. The impressive results, including a competitive cost per conversion and a high conversion rate, underscore the success of the campaign in establishing Weaga as the go-to gate automation company in Vancouver.

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