Case Study: Bing Ads Drive Whisky Shop to Remarkable 127.51% ROI on a Tight Budget

This case study showcases Flask Fine Wine & Whisky's success in converting marketing budgets into tangible and rewarding outcomes through Bing Ads, achieving an impressive 127.51% ROI.

Flask Fine Wine & Whisky Case Study

Project details

Flask Fine Wine & Whisky excels with Bing Ads, turning budgets into a remarkable 127.51% ROI in a competitive market.
Project Date
Jan - May 2023
Flask Wine
Google Ads

About the project

Flask Fine Wine & Whisky, named the Best Wine Shop in LA by Los Angeles Magazine, has been a trusted Fine Wine & Spirits Merchant since 1962. Located in Studio City, California, Flask Fine Wine & Whisky is renowned for its commitment to nationwide shipping and offers an extensive selection of premium wines, bourbons, single malt scotch, gin, and vintage rum. It serves as the ultimate online destination for connoisseurs and enthusiasts alike.

Project execution

Campaign Objectives:

Flask Fine Wine & Whisky embarked on a Bing Ads campaign with the primary goal of testing a new sales funnel and achieving a positive return on investment (ROI) despite operating on a limited budget.

Strategy & Execution:

To fulfill this objective, a meticulously planned and executed campaign strategy was employed:

Product Focus: Leveraging insights from Google Ads, the team identified the most popular and profitable products within Flask Fine Wine & Whisky's inventory.

Three-Pronged Approach: Three distinct Bing Ads campaigns were designed to target different segments of the audience:

  • Campaign 1: Promoted the most popular and high-end whiskies.
  • Campaign 2: Showcased the best-selling bourbons.
  • Campaign 3: Highlighted specific whisky brand names.

Precise Geotargeting: The campaigns were laser-focused on the most profitable areas across the United States, optimizing ad spend by concentrating efforts on key states.

Campaign Highlights:

  • Compelling Ad Creatives: Crafted ad creatives and copy that resonated with the target audience, emphasizing the unique offerings of Flask Fine Wine & Whisky.
  • Ad Extensions: Utilized ad extensions to provide additional information and encourage clicks.
  • Bidding Strategies: Employed effective bidding strategies to maximize ROI while adhering to the set budget.

Challenges & Solutions:

Limited Budget: Operating on a small budget called for careful allocation and monitoring of ad spend.

Competition: The highly competitive nature of the industry demanded creative strategies to stand out in the crowded digital landscape.

Geotargeting Complexity: Ensuring accurate targeting while minimizing expenses proved to be a challenge.


Thorough Budget Management: Carefully managed and adjusted ad spend to optimize results.

Tailored Ad Messaging: Crafted unique ad messaging to differentiate Flask Fine Wine & Whisky from its competitors.

In-Depth Geotargeting Analysis: Analyzed historical data to identify profitable regions for effective geotargeting.

The Bing Ads campaign yielded remarkable results:

 With an initial investment of $20,401 over five months, Flask Fine Wine & Whisky generated a substantial $46,455 in sales.
Operating with a monthly budget of $4,100, the campaign delivered an exceptional ROI of 127.51%.

This case study highlights how a strategic and targeted Bing Ads campaign allowed Flask Fine Wine & Whisky to achieve an exceptional 127.51% ROI, surpassing expectations and demonstrating the effectiveness of Bing Ads in driving sales growth. It also underscores the significance of understanding customer data, precise targeting, and creative ad strategies in the success of online advertising campaigns.

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