Case Study: Illuminating Success Enhancing Efficiency for Attic Clearing Services

Discover the strategic prowess behind our bespoke Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) methodology and precision-driven landing page optimizations, yielding impactful and measurable results.

Attic Pros Case Study

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Discover the power of targeted advertising strategies tailored to the unique needs of an attic cleaning company in the competitive San Francisco market.
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Attic Pros
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About the project

Attic Pros boasts several years of expertise in providing exceptional attic cleaning and insulation removal services for both residential and commercial buildings. Their specialized services play a crucial role in mitigating rodent infestations, ensuring the safety of clients. Given the health risks posed by rodent presence in attics, Attic Pros is committed to thorough decontamination and rodent elimination, leaving spaces safe for occupants.

Project execution

Attic Pros, a premier attic cleaning company in San Francisco, sought to achieve a dual objective: reduce marketing expenditure while elevating their conversion rate.

To meet the client's objectives, our team implemented a highly focused strategy. We devised a Single Keyword Ad Group (SKAG) structure tailored to each service offered by Attic Pros, ensuring precision and relevance. Additionally, we optimized landing pages to align seamlessly with targeted keywords and services, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the campaign.

Our strategic approach yielded substantial improvements for Attic Pros.

Comparing year-over-year (YoY) data, the conversion rate surged from 11.39% to an impressive 20.55%.

This notable increase indicates the success of our targeted advertising approach and optimized landing pages in engaging potential customers and driving successful conversions.

Furthermore, our efforts resulted in a substantial reduction in marketing expenses.

Costs were reduced by $7,613.20, enabling Attic Pros to allocate resources more efficiently without compromising campaign effectiveness.

The collaboration between Attic Pros and our team underscores the impact of strategic marketing interventions on achieving significant business outcomes. Through the implementation of a SKAG structure and landing page optimization, we successfully reduced marketing expenses while concurrently increasing the conversion rate. Attic Pros can now generate more leads and conversions, effectively utilizing their resources in the competitive San Francisco market. This case study highlights the potency of targeted advertising strategies tailored to the unique needs of an attic cleaning company.

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